Exuding elegance and relaxed island vibes, Santorini’s idyllic natural setting, shaped by a big volcanic eruption more than 3500 years ago, is the ideal location to tie the knot. The place to host such a special day in your lives is of utmost importance, and for that reason, we curated a list of the best Santorini wedding venues, which we hope will be helpful as you begin your wedding planning journey.

Rocabella Hotel

rocabella santorini wedding venue

Rocabella Resort & Spa is a stunning example of Cycladic architecture. Located on a cliffside close to Imerovigli village with stunning views over the Aegean Sea, Rocabella offers three beautiful outdoor areas to host wedding ceremonies and receptions, as well as accommodation options for you and your guests. Starting from the hotel’s highest level, the Infinity Kiosk can host weddings with up to 50 seated dining guests. For bigger wedding parties, there are the options to host the reception next to one of their two pools. The Infinity Pool can be found in the lowest part of the hotel, and it’s a popular choice for both wedding ceremonies and receptions with up to 100 seated guests. Finally, the third option is the Exclusive Pool, which will please the most demanding clientele looking for a luxurious wedding reception. Located in the middle level and offering sweeping caldera views, the Exclusive Pool is surrounded by seven traditional island-style houses, which are included in the rental fees for a 3-night stay. Food and beverages are offered by Rocabella.

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Cavo Ventus

Cavo Ventus Santorini Wedding Venues

Cavo Ventus is a luxurious villa built around a 200-year old stone windmill, sitting at the very edge of the caldera cliff of Akrotiri and offering sweeping views of the Aegean Sea and the volcano. Hosting a wedding at Cavo Ventus Santorini not only provides an amazing location for an outdoor ceremony and alfresco dinner on its fabulous terrace, but it also offers privacy and the convenience for the couple to stay at the villa and get prepared for their big day there. The indoors of the villa are equally gorgeous with warm-colored walls and big windows generously providing natural light and minimalist interior design, typical of Santorini. In case the villa is booked for a minimum of two nights, a wedding event can be hosted with no extra charge. However, even if accommodation is already arranged, the villa’s outdoor spaces can be booked as a wedding venue only with an event fee. This breathtaking venue can host a wedding for 130 guests maximum in its 3 different areas and allows you to enjoy the reception party until late, as the music stops at 2.00am. Finally, Cavo Ventus offers its own private bar with different open bar options, while for the dinner, you will be able to choose a catering company.

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Santorini GEM

Santorini Gem santorini wedding venues

Santorini Gem was originally a private villa with a fantastic pool and a lush garden encompassing it, which has now become one of the top Santorini wedding venues. Located on the cliffside of Pyrgos village, it offers exquisite views of the volcano and the Aegean sea. Wedding ceremonies are taking place in the wedding terrace with up to 160 seated guests. The beautiful classical villa is available for the bridal preparation, while the villa is also available for the night of the wedding upon request. For wedding receptions, there is an indoor area surrounded by floor to ceiling windows, thus having no obstacle between you and the majestic view, while there is also the outdoor poolside area available. Food and beverages are provided by the venue with many delicious Greek cuisine dishes.

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Le Ciel

Le Ciel Santorini wedding venues

One of the most popular Santorini wedding venues, Le Ciel is a restaurant located in Imerovigli, just steps away from Rocabella Resort & Spa. It combines a private open-air terrace with breathtaking views for the ceremony, which can host up to 80 people seated, as well as an air-conditioned indoor area for the reception for up to 120 seated guests. The venue provides delicious menus with distinctive Greek aroma, having the options of a seated menu for up to 60 guests or a buffet menu for a guest list of more than 60 people, as well as a great variety of ceremony and reception drinks packages, which are mandatory for all guests.

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Thermes Villas

Thermes Villas santorini wedding venues

Thermes is a beautiful villa complex on the cliffside of Megalochori village. Consisting of seven villas (five villas with three bedrooms and two villas with two bedrooms) which can accommodate up to 38 guests, it is an ideal location for a wedding, since it offers different areas where a ceremony and a reception dinner can be hosted. The terrace of the villa Princess Iriana can host up to 250 people for a seated or buffet dinner, while there is also a large indoor air-conditioned room, which can accommodate up to 80 seated guests, in case of inclement weather. Furthermore, the picturesque chapel of Aghios Eustathios right next to the villas is available for a religious ceremony. Thermes Villas require a minimum of a three nights stay in three of its villas (accomodating up to 16 guests). For the food, an external catering company can be booked, while the open bar service is provided exclusively by Thermes.

La Maltese Estate & Buddha-Bar Santorini

Located in the heart of Imerovigli village and just a few steps from the stunning blue-domed Anastasi church, La Maltese Estate is a 5-star boutique hotel with Buddha-Bar Beach Santorini, which operates as a restaurant and sunset lounge bar, in its premises. Wedding ceremonies are taking place at the La Maltese Upper Terrace with up to 120 guests, while the exclusive hire of Buddha Bar is required for receptions. Accommodation is offered at La Maltese Estate, but the venue’s stategic location and proximity to many Imerovigli hotels within walking distance, makes it also an ideal choice for couples looking to book accommodation for them or their guests nearby.

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Tasting Santorini’s famous wines during your special day while enjoying the mesmerizing views the Aegean sea and offering your guests a lifetime experience? If all the above elements are tempting enough for you, Venetsanos or Santo Wines wineries may be your ideal venue options.

Venetsanos Winery

venetsanos winery santorini wedding venues

Venetsanos family built this exquisite winery back in 1947, which became the first industrial winery on the island. Located on the cliffside of Megalochori, Venetsanos Winery does not only have the Aegean Sea on the background but also offers one of the most beautiful sunsets, you will witness. We particularly love the earthy colors blending in harmony with the volcanic rocks of Santorini. Weddings are hosted on the Upper Terrace (250sq meters) for wedding ceremonies and reception, with up to 120 guests. There is a great variety of drinks offered, but for the food, an external catering company must be booked. What makes this terrace so special is that is open from every corner offering an expansive view with no obstacle on the way.


Santo Wines

Santo winery santorini wedding venues

Santo Wines was founded in 1947 as a union of Santorini vine cultivators to guarantee the best result and quality of their wine production. The winery headquarters is found on a fantastic location on the cliffside of Pyrgos village, while the Ceremony Terrace, which is close to the main winery facilities, has managed to offer stunning caldera and sunset views and privacy. Santo Wines is an excellent option for weddings with up to 120 guests. For receptions, a private indoor area is available, but food needs to be arranged with an external catering company.

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Dotted with boutique hotels and suites, Santorini is the ideal place for intimate weddings, due to the abundance of wonderful, outdoor terraces, especially for elopements, for which the options are literally endless. Below you will find some of the most popular Santorini wedding venues for up to 30 guests:

Dana Villas

Dana Villas santorini wedding venues

Located on the cliffs of Firostefani village, Dana Villas & Infinity Suites offers traditional, cave-style accommodation, but it is also one of the most popular locations to host an intimate wedding in Santorini. Its two venues, a beautiful terrace with unobstructed panoramic views, where all ceremonies are taking place, as well as the Ariana terrace, where most wedding dinners are taking place, guarantee the most amazing Santorini wedding experience for up to 24 people in each terrace. The food, with a great variety of scrumptious menu options, and the drinks are provided by Dana Villas.

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Canaves Oia Panorama Balcony

Canaves oia panorama balcony santorini wedding venues

Being part of the Canaves Oia Suites, the Panorama Balcony is certainly one of those locations that takes your breath away when you step on it. Creating the impression that you are floating on air over the Aegean Sea, it constitutes an amazing wedding ceremony spot for up to 15 seated guests and for couples looking to relish the luxury vibes of Oia village. For the reception dinner, the Caldera Arch area, which is nearby, is the ideal place to enjoy the delicious seated wedding menus provided by Canaves Oia.

Fanari Villas

fanari villas santorini wedding venues

If you set your heart to the village of Oia for an intimate wedding, one of the most picturesque venues is Fanari Villas. There is a total of 19 suites available, but wedding ceremonies and dinners are taking place on the terraces of 4 of the suites, which are right under a windmill, creating a breathtaking scenery for any couple’s special day. In order to host a wedding there, the 4 Suites (2 Superior & 2 Junior Suites) need to be booked for at least one night, and they can be used on their wedding day for accommodation or refreshing. Food and drinks are provided by the Fanari Restaurant located in the hotel’s premises.

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Grace Hotel

grace santorini wedding venues

Carved in the cliffs of Imerovigli village and facing the famous Skaros Rock, Grace Hotel is an elegant and luxurious hotel with its 20 rooms and suites offering sweeping views of Santorini’s famous caldera. There are two levels perfectly suited to accommodate intimate weddings; the hotel’s infinity pool located on the Santoro Restaurant terrace level for up to 35 seated guests as well as the terrace of 363 Champagne Lounge for up to 40 seated guests. Last but certainly not least, Grace Hotel has its own private villa spanning in three levels with large terraces and a private swimming pool, which can host up to 15 people seated, offering the ideal setting for the most exclusive celebration. Food and beverages are offered by Grace Hotel.

Andromeda Villas

andromeda villas santorini wedding venues

Andromeda Villas & Spa Resort is situated in Imerovigli, offering 48 traditionally styled rooms. Wedding ceremonies are taking place at the hotel’s specially equipped upper terrace with a maximum capacity of 40 guests. Although hourly rental rates are offered for the wedding terrace, we would recommend a rental duration of a minimum of two hours to have enough time for venue setup and not to feel rushed to leave the venue for the next wedding to take place. For wedding receptions, the hotel offers two restaurant options: the indoor area of the wedding hall, which can accommodate up to 35 people, and a cave restaurant for up to 60 guests.

El Viento

el viento santorini wedding venues

Located on the caldera cliff of Megalochori village,  El Viento is a newly renovated windmill, whose terrace is an ideal option for couples looking for an intimate Santorini wedding with vintage vibes. We would recommend El Viento for elopements and wedding ceremonies and dinners with a maximum of 30 guests. The venue offers catering services, as well as a variety of open drink packages, which are mandatory for all guests.

Santa Irini Chapel Terrace

Santa Irini chapel santorini wedding venues

Santa Irini Chapel is located at 3km (1.8 miles) from Fira, perched on the edge of the Caldera cliffs and overlooking the volcano. Wedding ceremonies are performed at the chapel’s terrace offering an intimate setting for up to 20 guests. The capacity for reception dinner is up to 8 guests, while a catering company needs to be arranged for the food and drinks.


Santorini may be an island with a great variety of wedding venues for elopements and intimate weddings, but if you are looking to host a large wedding, there are the below options you can explore.

Pyrgos Restaurant

pyrgos restaurant santorini wedding venues

Pyrgos Restaurant is located in Pyrgos village and offers delicious food, as well as panoramic views of the island from its different halls, which can accommodate up to 600 guests. For a small wedding with up to 30 people, Pyrgos offers the Small Private Hall. It is located on the ground floor and is ideal for an intimate special day. In case your guest list is bigger, Pyrgos restaurant offers the Panorama Hall and its private terrace. This is located on the upper level and can accommodate up 60 people. Furthermore, the option to book the Aghia Fotini Hall with a capacity of up to 100 people inside and 150 on the outside is also provided. Located on the restaurant’s lower level, this hall is autonomous with a private entrance, a picturesque church on site, and a beautiful outdoor terrace. For even bigger weddings, the Central Hall has a capacity of 120 to 600 people, and it is located on the ground floor. Last but not least, for those fond of al fresco dining, there is the Garden Area option, which can accommodate up to 150 guests. Wedding ceremonies are held in Aghia Fotini or the Panorama Hall Terrace areas.

Santorini Arts Factory

santorini arts factory wedding venue

Located near the beach on Vlychada, the Santorini Arts Factory, which is also known as the “Tomato Industrial Museum’’, is an important landmark of the island and part of its traditional architectural heritage. Originally a tomato canning factory, it now operates as a museum also organizing several cultural and educational events throughout the year. Weddings with a large guest list can be hosted outdoors in the 1500 sqm of the Main Yard, or in the Sea Yard, which is 1000 sqm, while the venue is available for private use after 8 p.m. Food and drinks can be arranged with a catering company.

Oceanids Estate

Oceanids santorini wedding venues

A beautiful, seafront wedding venue close to Kamari beach, Oceanids Estate used to be a tomato canning factory built in 1937, which still retains its vintage charm. Since it is located in a non-residential area, Oceanids offers complete privacy and the option to dance & party till late for up to 150 seated guests. The wedding ceremony can be performed on the beach, followed by the reception in the courtyard. Drinks are provided with an open bar option by Oceanids, while for the food, a catering company needs to be arranged.


Santorini’s highlights may be its awe-inspiring cliffs and the wedding venues facing the magnificent volcanic caldera, but Santorini is first a foremost an island with a variety of beautiful beaches. For those couples that want to feel the sea breeze and the sand in their toes, beach bars can be transformed into ideal Santorini wedding venues for a ceremony on the beach and/or a reception next to the Aegean sea. Below you will find two of Santorini’s best beachfront venues, which also offer the ability to continue the party till the early hours with no sound level limitations.

Theros Wave Bar

theros santorini wedding venues

If you are looking for tropical beach bar vibes and a unique lunar landscape created by volcanic ash, then Theros Wave Bar will be the perfect wedding venue for you. Secluded at the end of a dirt road in Vlychada’s Eros beach, Theros is a popular choice for a wedding reception and party till late. The venue also offers the option for a ceremony at the beach, while receptions take place on an elevated wooden pavilion with Theros providing tables and chairs for up to 50 guests. However, up to 200 guests can be accommodated under and out of the pavilion. In order to book the venue for private event use, an open bar package for all adult guests is required. There is an option for a BBQ buffet dinner for up to 50 guests, but outside catering can also be arranged.

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akro santorini wedding venues

A hidden gem located in Mesa Pigadia, one of Akrotiri’s white beaches, and accessed by a dirt road, Akro is a secluded beach bar and restaurant offering several options for a dreamy wedding with up to 120 guests. Wedding ceremonies can be performed on Akro’s upper terrace or on the beach. In terms of wedding receptions, there is the option of al fresco beachside dinner seating or a cave dining room carved inside a rock. Drinks and food are provided by Akro with a variety of Greek and Mediterranean menus.

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