A Destination Greek Island Wedding

Marina and Gosha are a truly international couple. They met in London where they had moved for work in 2012: Marina from Moscow, Gosha from New York. They are both Muscovites who share common values and passion for adventure and travel. When the time came to choose the place for the wedding, they both agreed that it should be somewhere in the warm southern part of Europe. So what better choice than a destination Greek island wedding!

The bride has been to Santorini before and even after having traveled to many countries all around the world, she still believed it to be the most beautiful place in the world. The travel theme of their Greek island wedding was very easy to pick given that the newlyweds are avid travellers. Marina has quite a flair for organization and planning so she could not but be the wedding planner of her own wedding. She booked the ceremony and reception venues as well as all the vendors, including myself.

Two days before the actual wedding day we went to Oia for a portrait session, while we also did bridal portraits with the couple at Fira and at Theros Wave Bar in Vlychada beach on the day of their wedding. Having the chance to shoot before the wedding gave us the chance to create more portraits and made Marina and Gosha feel comfortable in front of my lens.

True to their passion for life adventures, Marina and Gosha left London and moved to Los Angeles soon after their lovely Greek island wedding. Their new adventure is just starting but Santorini will always hold a special place in the hearts.

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