Wedding at Agios Georgios Church Oia

Paree and Adrian’s glamorous Santorini wedding was certainly one of the highlights of last summer and it is no wonder that it went viral around the web and social media. Living in Australia but having Greek and Italian, Paree and Adrian decided to have an intimate destination wedding with their closest family and friends. And that’s how their white-themed Santorini wedding started slowly to become a reality.

If we had to describe the bride in one word, that would be breathless. Her beautiful looks and finesse were beaming a sense of old Hollywood glamour. Smiling and stunning, she filled the room with her gorgeous presence. However, the highlight of her preparation at Rocabella was her drop-dead-gorgeous Paolo Sebastian wedding gown, emitting an aura of Grace Kelly-esque perfection. I appreciate designers and I most definitely think of them as artists but sometimes it is not just the quality and style of the clothing. It is the person who wears it that makes a difference and the Paolo Sebastian wedding dress reached a different kind of level on Paree.

They say it takes two to tango and my couple was no exception. Having a mesmerizing bride by his side, Adrian was stylish down to the very last detail. His Dolce and Gabbana black suit was the perfect example of Italian quality. My groom’s best men were looking after Adrian during his preparation as the groom himself was enjoying the process. Exceptional sentiments and joyful people all around me, the best background for me and my lens when we are at work.

The wedding ceremony filled the Agios Georgios church in Oia with love and happiness. Paree’s Paolo Sebastian wedding dress changed into a fascinating evening gown for the reception party at Rocabella, while the couple were enjoying and dancing the night away. Paree and Adrian, may you live a life filled with joy and bliss! Your Santorini wedding was certainly one of the most memorable events!

santorini wedding couple photos

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