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Thank you for your interest in Wedvisions Studio and for taking the time to get to know us better! We are a Santorini wedding photographer and videographer creative hub, sharing a common passion for creating beauty and capturing the magic in those fleeting life moments that love is celebrated.

Congratulations on choosing Santorini as the place to celebrate your union as a couple! We consider ourselves very fortunate to be living and working as Santorini wedding photographers and videographers on this majestic island, not only because it is one of the most iconic locations in the world, but also because it allows us to use its unique light creatively in our photos and films.

Me as well as my experienced Santorini wedding photographer & videographer associate team, which was handpicked and trained to match my style and creative vision, respect the importance of your wedding photos and films to preserve the valuable memories of your special day. Our ultimate goal is to create unique, timeless, full of emotion photos and films that you will admire for the rest of your lives.


SANTORINI: Greece's Crown Jewel of Islands

Santorini’s otherworldly beauty has made it one of the most sought-after wedding destinations for couples who are not willing to compromise on location. People from across the globe flock to this slice of heaven in the heart of the Cyclades in order to experience its ethereal charms and laidback glamour. To witness its landscape firsthand is an experience like no other, and to have pictures to look back on as your destination wedding location is truly exceptional.

Though it is the epitome of sun and sea, Santorini is so much more than just an island. Combining luxury cliffside accommodations, postcard-worthy villages, and sumptuous extras like fine dining restaurants and chic wineries, Santorini has it all. Being a Santorini wedding photographer and videographer team has enabled us to spend years capturing the inspiring landscape that makes the island a cut above the rest. Learn why Santorini exceeds expectations as one of the most visually stunning places on earth to host a dream wedding.

Why choose Santorini for your destination wedding?
The better question might be, why not choose Santorini for your destination wedding? Ultra-charming and quaint meets jet setter glamour in the heart of the Aegean Sea, allowing weddings to be a combination of laidback island chic and perfect attention to sumptuous details. Santorini is a fashionable slice of paradise whose staggering natural beauty has become so revered for.

Santorini wedding photographer & videographer

From the perspective of a wedding photographer in Santorini, no place compares to the island. Whitewashed homes and blue-domed churches sit atop dramatic cliffsides that rumble down towards the crystalline sea waters below. An iconic sunset that lights up the sky during warm spring and summer nights offers a tapestry of colors that have to be seen to be believed. In terms of natural beauty, nothing can compete with Santorini.

In addition to its natural wonders that captivate visitors, Santorini offers a wonderful assortment of venues that range from 5-star cliffside boutique hotels, to private villas, to stylish wineries that sprinkle the coastline. Santorini possesses a sense of ease as the setting for timeless weddings and celebratory afterparties.

How to choose your Santorini wedding photographer?

Selecting your wedding photographer in Santorini is a delicate process. The sheer volume of wedding photographers on a relatively small island is quite high. Take your time to find one who has plenty of experience working in the local terrain and who is well-connected. But, above all else, seek a professional photographer who respects your vision and is eager to be a collaborative team.

Focus on looking for a Santorini wedding photographer whose personal style is in line with your own. A smart way to determine this is to browse the online portfolio of wedding photographers in Santorini to see if you find their previous work inspiring and one which resonates with you. Keep an eye out for their ability to not only capture the unique beauty of Santorini, but also one that clearly allows the bride to radiate her beauty.

Before you decide to hire a photographer for your Santorini wedding, take the time to have a conversation with them just to make sure you are truly a good fit for one another. Though email communication is important for a written record of anything discussed, a live conversation via video chat will provide you with much more insight into who they are as a person and if you will work well together for your own wedding.

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Vangelis and Wedvisions Studios did such an amazing job on our wedding day. Having arranged our wedding in Santorini from the U.K. and the U.S, Vangelis made it extremely easy to get the pictures and video that we had always envisioned. They were extremely professional and captured the most amazing moments. Each time we look at our wedding video and pictures it's like we are reliving the day. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Katherine & Armik / Wedding at Pyrgos Restaurant
Taking Vangelis and Wedvisions Studio was one of the best decisions that we had taken for our wedding. It was so easy to arrange everything with them. Communication was so effortless. Efficiency at 100%. Photos and videos from them are naturally wonderful, simple yet stunningly captured moments. Wedvisions did provide us with the most beautiful photography, wedding trailers and video coverage imaginable that we will treasure forever. We would recommend them to anyone that is going to have a wedding in Santorini. If you want the best Santorini wedding photographer and videographer, Wedvisions Studio must be a part of your wedding day!
Nilushi & Thilina / Wedding at Le Ciel
Vangelis and his team were the best choice we could have made for our wedding photos videos! True professionals and amazing artists. We could not ask for more. The help support and guidance for our photography and videography was much appreciated and helped us to get the most amazing video and pictures for our wedding day. I recommend Vangelis and Wedvisions Studio without any hesitations! They are the best Santorini wedding photographer and videographer team!
Natalie & Patrick / Wedding at Le Ciel
I am a bride from Canada who got married in Santorini and had the pleasure of having Wedvisions Studio capture our magical day. Photography was one of my biggest worries while trying to plan a wedding overseas and to me, is one of the most important details of any wedding. I have to say that Wedvisions Studio blew my expectations out of the water! From the moment of our first communications, to meeting me the day prior, and working so hard and focused on little details on our big day, Wedvisions Studio made the process fun, stress free and enjoyable, despite the 42 degree weather! The photos turned out better than I could have imagined. I think we look at them everyday! Thank you Wedvisions Studio! We couldn't be happier!
Elissa & Trevor / Wedding at Dana Villas
Wedvisions Studio are true professionals! You will not be dissapointed! Our pictures felt like magazine quality photos that made us feel very special. I was beyond amazed of our mini movie of our wedding that felt like Hollywood made movie. I had goose bumps and tears at the same time when was watching. The price for what quality we got it’s beyond worth it. I would highly recommend them for you trust them to capture your day in the best possible way you imagined!
Jurgita & Monte / Wedding at Dana Villas
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Why Wedvisions Studio would be the best option for your Santorini wedding photography & videography?

Years of experience
As the leading Santorini wedding photographer and videographer team, we have spent years honing our craft and dedicating our time towards forging meaningful connections with brides and grooms. Our love of photography is what drives us, but it is our years behind the camera that makes us so reliable. Our experience allows us to see imagery on a holistic and dynamic level, one which combines art, architecture, fashion, and traditions and we are looking to connect with couples that appreciate substance, and refinement.

Thanks to being based in Santorini for more than a decade, we know the island like the back of our hands. We know the best spots for dreamy bridal portraits and we have an expert grasp on when the lighting is best for pictures, which can be tricky in the intensity of the Greek sun as it reflects off the monochromatic homes. Highlighting elegant feels and capturing evocative images are consistently at the core of what we do as a Santorini wedding photographer and videographer team.

Prewedding Consultation
An attribute of our years in the industry is our ability to assist couples, especially when it comes to constructing a wedding timeline that will help create the most beautiful wedding images. As photographers of countless weddings on Greece’s most beautiful island, we have an innate insight into the exact timings, so you can enjoy the day with peace of mind and clarity.

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Wedding Day Guidance
Throughout the day of your wedding, we are by your side. Our partnership is a well-rounded experience, meaning in addition to taking beautiful pictures we help guide you on how to pose throughout the day. We work closely with you and anyone with who you wish to take photos, to create our signature timeless style.

At the same time we capture the little details that a photographer with less experience may miss by giving you plenty of space for candid moments that come naturally. It is our job to ensure that you feel comfortable and beautiful in front of the camera and we offer you plenty of guidance to achieve this.


How can I convey and communicate my Santorini wedding day vision to you?

Having an open dialogue is vital between the couple and the photographer. Apart from emails, which are the standard way of communicating with us through our office team, we also highly recommend video calls for the most effective communication. By having open and honest conversations, it allows us to forge a connection with you so that you feel comfortable in our collaboration and can share your vision freely. Furthermore, building a rapport at the onset also assists in you feeling totally at ease on the day of your wedding.

Do you approach a Santorini destination wedding differently than a traditional wedding?

Destination weddings in Santorini require significant planning and collaboration between the couple, the photographer, and the wedding planner. Due to the lack of vegetation and the many whitewashed buildings around, the light on the island is strong and challenging, something that needs to be taken into account when creating the wedding day timeline.

Besides, most couples opt to leave their venue for a portrait session around some of Santorini's picturesque outdoor locations during the cocktail hour, something that doesn't usually happen in traditional weddings. Furthermore, destination wedding celebrations can happen over the course of two, three, or more days. This gives us time to photograph couples in more instances, such as a boat tour, wine tasting, or other outings with family and friends before or after the wedding day. If you wish to incorporate a local flair, we will work with you to capture the essence of the destination and its traditions.

What are the best wedding venues in Santorini?

Having been a part of countless weddings in Santorini over the years, we have unparalleled insight into the most picture-perfect venues to select from. Whether you desire the small yet classic Oia cliffside balcony wedding, a traditional affair in a blue-domed church, or the privacy and allure of a private villa, we are by your side to help you find the right one for your unforgettable Santorini wedding. To view an extensive list of the best Santorini wedding venues, you can visit HERE

How many photos will we receive?

The number of photographs taken depends on coverage time, type of shoot (wedding or photo session), size of the wedding and other factors. In general, more photos will be shot in big weddings with lots of guests compared to elopements and photo sessions.

In photo sessions you should expect to receive a minimum of 30-40 selected, high-resolution, fully-edited photos (color corrected and retouched) in JPEG format per hour of shooting.

How do I ask for availability and pricing?

You simply have to fill in the Contact Form on this website to check for availability on your specific date and receive our Pricing Guide.

In order to proceed to the booking, you need to pay a retainer to secure your wedding or photo session date. Please contact us to give you details about the payment policy and options.

Can you hold the date?

We are sorry, but we cannot hold a date without a retainer. We accept bookings on a first come/first served basis, so if you consider booking us for your wedding or photo session, please let us know as soon as possible.

Do you offer wedding albums?

We do offer a variety of wedding albums. Please contact us to send you more info on the album materials used as well as samples of album designs to get a better idea. During the album design process, you will be sent your album design for preview and you can make up to two rounds of changes to it included in the album price. Further rounds of changes are subject to a fee. Once you approve the layout, you will choose your album cover style, color etc.

What are the best times in the day to do a Santorini photo session?

The best light is available either early in the morning or late in the afternoon during the golden hour (i.e. about 2-3 hours before sunset), so you can ask for a morning or late afternoon session.